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  1. Look what came in the mail today...  thank you so much @Patty


  2. I won't be able to join the Zoom meet-up today.  Seems the doctor thinks I need to have his work on my knee checked out today.  Hopefully, I will see everyone on the 22nd.


  3. Finished Section 3 today


  4. A friend stopped by with a sweet gift... knowing I love all things sewing, she brought me a tea cup pincushion to go with my sewing machine teapot.   Yes,  I collect teapots and tea cups and saucers too.


  5. I hope this message gets to you Penny. My family and I will be in Springdale, AZ for a week at the end of April, can you think of any thing we should do while we are in your state?  Would love any suggestions. Thanks'.

    1. Penny


      I'm not sure where that is in the state.  If it's north, you will definitely want to go to the Grand Canyon... if you can work it in that is worth doing period, no matter where you are.  What area is it near... when I do a search, I only get a town in Arkansas.

      Tombstone is fun for kiddos as they have the gunfight at the OK Corral; there are a lot of fun things in the central area of the state... museums, zoos, etc.  And there is Sedona with it's beautiful red rock scenery.

  6. Penny


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