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About Me

2020 Started off pretty awesome for my husband, Charles, and I.  We went on a Back to Back Disney Cruise that ended on our 23rd wedding anniversary in New Orleans, LA.  We had a wonderful time exploring the French Quarter during Mardi Gras, found a couple of Tiki Lounges and spent time with new friends.  Then the world came to a stop in March.

Being Canadian living in the USA has been difficult this year. At least there is a small community in Maryland of other Canadians who also understand our plight.  In May, we all were deciding what to do for Canada Day (July 1st) and we decided to do a virtual cupcake bake off.  Needing to do something, I volunteered to create the bags that we would use to deliver all the ingredients to all the families involved.  I pulled out the sewing machine and used it for the first time to make 21 little shopping totes.  My husband used the Sewing Machine to make costumes previously, but I never used it.

After making those bags, I was hooked.  I joined an Online Sewing summit and learned a few things, I watched Youtube and learned some more and then I was shopping for fabric, thread, rulers....  everything I could get my hands on.  I was searching for free patterns online wondering what I was going to make and if I could make that and that..  OHH  and THAT!!  YES!!!

In the end, I started working on a quilt for my Mom, who has been stuck in Canada unable to visit due to the Pandemic. I found the pattern, I call it popsicles, in a magazine.  I have all the blocks made and debating on sashing, or just sew them together....  So for now it is in a 2 gallon ziplock bag awaiting the final decision.  My first UFO.

I did end up buying 12 Jelly rolls on FB marketplace for $100 and decided Christmas was saved!  Jellyroll Racetrack quilt tops to the rescue!  Got 3 done for the daughters of my husband's best friend and another started for my Mom.  (UFO #2)  Mom's JRRT quilt just wasn't working out for me.  But I have time cause I want to give it to her in person and with the border closed, it may be awhile.  Not too much longer I hope.

Christmas Eve I decided I will make a Boxy Bag Shaving Kit for Charles.  Pulled up the Oklaroots Youtube page and followed Jess ALL DAY to make THE BEST LOOKING BAG EVER!  He loved it btw!  He thought I bought it!  HIGH PRAISE!!  I was so happy with the way it turned out.  Which brings me to today. 

Dec 27 2020  I wanted to share my projects, see other peoples projects, learn new techniques, get to know other quilters/sewers.  I checked out the guilds in our area, I've talked with people at the local quilting stores, and searched online.  I had found Becky's Patchwork Posse in the fall and had joined her mailing list and downloaded a few of her free printables.  Just before Christmas I got an email from her mailing list explaining her online guild and I was intrigued.  I talked to my husband about it and he said.. "Go Ahead, Sign up"  

Here I am! Signed up. Excited for my new adventure with you all.  

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