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  1. Love quilting in all it’s aspects.  Biggest goal, is to finish projects before letting another start.  

    If I’m not physically working on a quilt, I’m usually reading a quilt book whether techniques, styles or fiction.

    1. Gramma_Charlie


      Just as long as we keep our minds busy.



    2. JanDee


      Hi Karen, Aloha from Hawaii! I’m JanDee and just joined IAQ last week after the Orphan  Project Challenge  last month. I’m still going through all the goodies on the IAQ WEBSITE and did manage to jump in headfirst into the Mystery Quilt  project last Tuesday-Friday — I didn’t want to miss out on the last sewing bee of the year !!! It is such a fun project and I learned some new techniques I had never tried before like fabric paper piecing and using the mile a minute method to build quilt blocks. Below is a photo of my almost finished block❤️ Just wanted to reach out to a fellow newbie ❤️


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