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  1. If anyone knows how to rearrange the pictures in an album, please let me know...I had enough trouble just getting photos to load, (operator error) my husband came in from his sick bed to help me get them loaded, but I don't want to ask him again, he's hurting alot today.


  2. Nice to meet you. I need some help: how do you upload and were do I put pictures of projects that I have done. Sorry, newbie question. :classic_smile:


    1. northern_sue


      Hi Amber! I'll try to help you out!

      1. Go to the top of the page & click on Gallery

      2. Click on Add Images. This will open another window, with the option Create an Album or Add without creating an album. If you create an album, you can post all your work in your album. Or you can choose just to post in the open group.

      Try that to get started!

    2. JoniBeth


      Thanks, I've been busy with Doctors & errands! I'm behind on visiting the computer!

  3. JoniBeth


  4. Hi! I don't see a time for the Tuesday Seasons of Friendship  meetup on Tuesday, can you tell me when it is? I'm in GA, (EST).

    1. northern_sue


      Sorry! I'm not currently working on Seasons of Friendship but I don't think there is a live meetup?

    2. JoniBeth


      Thanks for answering, as it was, I couldn't have done it yesterday, anyway.

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