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  1. Bobbitba


  2. Welcome  Amber!  I've been sewing for nearly my whole life!  Started out with a needle and thread and scraps that my mom provided.  Started quilting 20+ years ago but still consider myself  an advanced beginner--so much to learn and not enough time!!!  I live in Illinois now but am a California girl at heart.  I'll always miss the Pacific Ocean. 

    1. Amber Jorgensen

      Amber Jorgensen

      Hay Bobbitba,

      My Great Aunt Rose taught me to sew  while I was in Cottonwood Hospital fighting cancer. She brought up an old singer, material, and a pattern for shorts and a lots of patients.  I feel in love with sewing. I  am like you so much to learn not enough time, it can be over whelming at times. I have two blankets and a Halloween door hanging in process and I am itching to start to experiment with sew as you go for pot holders. I thought being in quarantine I would have given me more time but I have 4 of my children home and they are doing distance learning eat up my time. But it has given me more time to dream of what I want to create. I am looking forward to the UPF projects coming up so I can some of them done.

      What are you look forward to?


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