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  1. vwkreates


  2. Thank you❤️This Mystery Block is such a fun project ... and it looks so complicated and difficult!!! So much bang for your buck!!!

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    2. JanDee


      Hahahaha so true!!!! I was going to make some Halloween 🎃 ones but I think that shop has passed !!!😆😆😆

    3. vwkreates


      My mask wore out!  The elastic has started coming apart.   I washed it  by hand sometimes and always dryed by hanging up.  Going to try to attach new elastic.  I used flat 1/4 inch - all that was available.  



    4. JanDee


      5679905F-00F3-4743-B356-AC14DD4D6240.thumb.png.497730ef26c529317eef14aa618f28d8.pngE97FF99D-721E-454E-B4A4-735BCCC53F6F.thumb.png.e0302a70883721646f0af89d4a41c63b.pngI’m using t-shirt yarn I ordered on line- Seems to be little sturdier Than flat elastic and softer. I sewed a casing on either side and used a cord lock to make it adjustable and fit comfortably snug 

      Also used some elastic cord  I found in the hair accessories section of the drug store when I couldn’t find elastic for sale anywhere!!! (It must have been hiding out with the Rolls of toilet paper!!! LOL 😝)


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