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  1. I'm doing the same thing -- working to quilt a lap on my standard machine so I thought, oh, there are a bunch of videos from the OPC that I haven't listened too...now here I am completing my profile and roaming through the IAQ site.  So much to look at  -- so many quilts, so little time!


  2. Hi! I don't see a time for the Tuesday Seasons of Friendship  meetup on Tuesday, can you tell me when it is? I'm in GA, (EST).

    1. northern_sue


      Sorry! I'm not currently working on Seasons of Friendship but I don't think there is a live meetup?

    2. JoniBeth


      Thanks for answering, as it was, I couldn't have done it yesterday, anyway.

  3. Stopping by to say "Hi". I'm new. 

    1. northern_sue


      Hi! glad to see you here!

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