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  3. Quilters’ Anonymous! As a quilter, I love fabric and have a tendency over the years to buy fabric I love thinking one day that will look good in a quilt! Although I am a beginner... I have an a huge stash of fabrics that I know I will not use in my lifetime! LOL! Who is brave enough to admit they are fabric hoarders? “Hello, my name is Deborah and I last purchased fabric online two days ago!” .... now it’s your turn! 


    1. Deborah HILDERMAN

      Deborah HILDERMAN

      I’m trying so hard to remain anonymous in Quilters Anonymous! 


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  5. Peggy Matthews

    Peggy Matthews

  6. Finished Section 3 today


  7. I’m not sure how I manage to have three postings of my Introduction? How do I remove 2 of them? 
    Thank you in advance! 

  8. Janet May

    Janet May

  9. A friend stopped by with a sweet gift... knowing I love all things sewing, she brought me a tea cup pincushion to go with my sewing machine teapot.   Yes,  I collect teapots and tea cups and saucers too.


  10. I hope this message gets to you Penny. My family and I will be in Springdale, AZ for a week at the end of April, can you think of any thing we should do while we are in your state?  Would love any suggestions. Thanks'.

    1. Penny


      I'm not sure where that is in the state.  If it's north, you will definitely want to go to the Grand Canyon... if you can work it in that is worth doing period, no matter where you are.  What area is it near... when I do a search, I only get a town in Arkansas.

      Tombstone is fun for kiddos as they have the gunfight at the OK Corral; there are a lot of fun things in the central area of the state... museums, zoos, etc.  And there is Sedona with it's beautiful red rock scenery.

  11. Amy Valentine

    Amy Valentine

  12. 🤔 Hey, I live on W. Chapman, but in Tampa, Fl. It’s a small world! 

  13. Thank you for your heart  on my pillow.😊

  14. Loraine


  15. Great to see another Florida girl on here! 🌸

  16. Becky J.

    Swap - Mail Date!!

    This is the last day to get your package to your partner! Your cute mini quilt should be in it's package and on it's way to your partner. Please give them a quick email or note to let them know. for more info if you need.
  17. MartiDickson


  18. Karen Harrill

    Karen Harrill

    Karen in NC
  19. jdelurme


  20. Hi Janice, 
    I am sure I am to late to help but you would make sure you are downloaded to ZOOM, and  you just go to www.Iraq/hangout and wella  you are supposed to be there. I didn’t manage to get in ,I’m not quite sure why it’s probably a combination of things but hopefully there is a link on Friday. Which pattern did you pick and what colors


    1. Janice Chapman

      Janice Chapman

      I think I have it figured out how to get on zoom I'll see.  I'm going to do the holiday mystery quilt in pinks and a cream. I'm making it for a laptop for a young friend starting chemoo.


  21. I’m slowly learning to navigate this site on my own! I’m excited to get to know all of you. Becky, I have a daughter, a sister and my best friend from high school that also live in Kaysville!


  22. Welcome to the group. Sew is my rest-bit to. Hope you will have fun with us.


  23. Nadine Doiron

    Nadine Doiron

  24. DeeAnna


  25. Joany Knight

    Joany Knight

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